Workable Options

Boot Camp for HR PRofessionals


HR Boot Camp is 24-hours of LIVE webinar instructions over a 12 week time period encompassing studio, PowerPoint, and class handouts.

  1. Quick - Each 2-hour Boot Camp topic is presented once a week, for twelve weeks.
  2. Convenient - Print the workshop materials and assemble as many HR professionals as you desire.
  3. Comprehensive - Because all of the courses are taught by the same trainer, there is seamless integration of all twelve concepts.
  4. Personalized - During each course, the participants have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their organization and experiences. Further, while in Boot Camp, and even after it is over, participants have Ms. Kollas as a full resource for topics presented.
  5. Economical - There is no T&E; associated with HR Boot Camp. In addition to the T&E; savings, the hourly rate for HR Boot Camp's personalized web-based real time video experience is comparable to non-personalized audio conferences or purchased CDs for HR education.


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