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Management BootCamp

Advantages of Boot Camp


Management Boot Camp equips your management team with the essential management survival skills that will be used on a daily basis, translate into every interaction with their direct reports, and allow them to manage with authority and expertise. Contact us now to start your classes.


  1. Efficient Use of Training Time - Each Boot Camp course is approximately 2 hours; manager's time away from job responsibilities is minimized and scheduling is simplified.
  2. Flexible Scheduling - Boot Camp is designed to be as short as 12 weeks or as long as 12 months. Each individual organization may choose the training schedule that they desire.
  3. Live & Scheduled Event - Workable Option's Manager Boot Camp is a live event in which participants have accountability to not only show up, but, if conducted as recommended, have responsibility to the Boot Camp group.
  4. Customized Training - Unlike pre-recorded training tools on the market, Boot Camp is customized specifically to your organization. This customization includes integration of your organization's existing forms, procedures and practices into the training material. Additionally, by having the same presenter for all 12 classes, the trainer then has the opportunity to know your business, its culture, and its managers.
  5. Cost Effective - Since Boot Camp is a web-based delivered series, an infinite number of managers can be trained, in countless global locations. Moreover, there are no T&E costs associated with the training. This includes T&E for the trainer delivering the material, as well as the participants attending the series. The financial investment per manager is minimal when compared to the benefit.
  6. Technology - Workable Options uses cutting-edge technology to bring Boot Camp directly into your organization. Although we still believe that the best way to train a group of people is the good-ole-fashioned "on-site" option, if your organization has internet access, a customized webinar is extremely close to the real thing and a workable option to train your entire management population.
  7. There is nothing that is done in a live classroom that cannot be accomplished virtually. This includes items like:
    • A PowerPoint presentation of materials
    • Dissemination of participant manuals
    • The ability for the participant to "raise their hand"
    • The ability for the instructor, or any other participant, to use the "flip chart"
      • The ability for the instructor to capture a list of class ideas
      • The ability for the instructor, or any other participant to "draw" on the "flip chart"
      • The ability of the instructor to email the captured work produced from the discussion to all participants to the conference
    • The ability to take instant on-line surveys and/or tests
    • The ability to run, as well as debrief, role plays and group work at various facilities
    • The ability to disseminate materials throughout