Workable Options

Personal HR and Legal Consulting

Our Experience

Workable Options is an Atlanta based, nationally recognized, full service consulting firm that specializes in delivering concrete new solutions to today's toughest Human Resources and employment law-related challenges. Founded in 2003, Workable Options has provided training and consulting services to over 25,000 individuals and a range of corporate, government and non-profit clients.

Businesses have learned that, to survive, they must successfully leverage the value of the individuals that comprise the organization. By implementing innovative, yet established, standard processes, we assist organizations in developing cohesive communication patterns. These patterns foster a more creative, inclusive, respectful, productive and legally compliant workplace.

By utilizing interactive training and consulting services, Workable Options assists organizations in realizing a legally compliant, communication-based infrastructure that is essential to improving critical business relationships both inside and outside of the organization. Workable Options' Leadership Library offers training and education for all employees including management, non-management employees, Human Resources, and Legal Departments. We provide highly interactive workshops that can be specifically tailored to your organization so that your business objectives can be immediately achieved.

Workable Options' trainings stress the practical principles and processes of subjects so that participants can immediately put into practice the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to add value to the business. We focus on implementing successful options for the workplace by giving people the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build practical, productive, and valuable results.