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Internal Investigations

A botched investigation leaves your company wide open to costly lawsuits. In the event that you want complete objectivity during an investigation at your company, or you have a high level executive that is involved in the complaint, limit your risk of liability with an outside investigator. Leave the investigative strategy to us! We are skilled at conducting witness interviews that uncover the real story behind the allegations and have experience recognizing and assisting companies with issues of retaliation. At the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with an ironclad investigative report that will help insulate your company from liability.

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Management BootCamp

Management Boot Camp equips your management team with the essential management survival skills that will be used on a daily basis, translate into every interaction with their direct reports, and allow them to manage with authority and expertise.


  1. Efficient Use of Training Time 
  2. Flexible Scheduling 
  3. Live & Scheduled Event 
  4. Customized Training 
  5. Cost Effective 
  6. Technology 
  7. There is nothing that is done in a live classroom that cannot be accomplished virtually. 

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is about having a partner who is vested in your success. In the coaching relationship you are in the driver's seat. You determine both the focus of each session and the issues that will be addressed. The coach spends a lot of time really listening to you, asking questions and offering feedback. When there is a concern that you're overlooking something, the coach sets the issue before you for your consideration. You are challenged to think creatively, eliminate insecurity in your business choices and to explore the possibilities that intrigue you.

With coaching you will know exactly what you want your next step to be, and how you'll execute the planned action. Often it's about creating an internal shift and developing the skills you need to get an idea out of your head and into reality.

Whether you're working on the quality of your life, your leadership or the culture of your organization, you'll discover that coaching allows you to laugh along the way. The joy is in the journey, and too often this lighter perspective is lost in the business and busyness of life.

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