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Beyond The Draft Pick

Building Cohesive and Effective Teams

In order to be successful, companies must have their employees, both manager and non-manager, working together.  Teamwork is a learned skill that can be taught to the entire organization or to a specific group.  The basic principles of teamwork are developed and discussed through various interactive activities, placing emphasis on the need to function as a group.

How can I encourage team members to be flexible, trusting, and supportive of other team members as they progress towards their goals?  How can I help team members build on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses?

The synergy that comes from putting individuals together to form teams to solve problems, make decisions, and initiate action is power that can be harnessed for continued organizational success.

In this session, participants will explore:

  • What is a team?
  • What makes a successful team and will distinguish them from ineffective teams
  • Stages in building an effective team
  • Skills for being an effective team member
  • The strengths of the individuals making up the team
  • Setting up team guidelines
  • Leadership in team building
  • Team communication
  • Team collaboration and problem solving
  • Team decision making:  compromise v. consensus
  • How to manage team conflict effectively
  • Common team problems and tips to overcome them
  • Difficult team members

Format:  2-6 hours

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