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Investing in the Interview

Selecting the Right Team Members for your Organization

The most valuable part of any company is its employees.  However, not every person is a fit for your organization’s environment. Finding dynamic employees is vital to the continued success of any organization.  Recognizing the importance of investing time into the interview process and mastering interviewing skills is an essential portion of your business plan.  If management does not invest in the interview, they will ultimately hire the wrong individual for the job. 

Bad hires mean thousands of dollars lost in diminished productivity and administrative expenses before the employee quits or is terminated.  To replace that employees position will cost anywhere between 75-150% of that employees annual salary.  Although costs will increase, productivity and morale will decline.

If you invest in the interviewing process BEFORE you meet with a candidate, you can save time as well as avoid common pitfalls during the interview process.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Quickly evaluate and assess management needs
  • Easily grasp the fundamentals of developing selection criteria
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in their interviewing techniques
  • Prepare and prioritize hiring efforts before, during, and after the interview
  • Outline essentials to analyze employment applications and resumes
  • Review legal issues in selecting employees, including relevant federal law
  • Review internal resources available for use in sourcing candidates
  • Outline essentials to analyze on employment applications
  • Explore the basics of the structured behavioral interview
  • Implement a universal grading system so all interviewees are evaluated on a level and consistent scale
  • Effectively converse about candidate evaluations with HR and the management team
  • Sharpen documentation and record keeping skills -- saving time and avoiding costly litigation

Format:  1-4 hours

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