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Addressing Employee Complaints

Complaints are a common part of work. In fact, some employees rely on complaining as a routine form of communication. If they aren't complaining, that can mean there's something really wrong.  It presents a considerable challenge, however, for supervisors to deal with complaints while at the same time demanding good performance from their employees.

As a manager or supervisor, you are the first line of defense to a harassment complaint, discrimination charge, or other workplace issue from spilling into the courtroom. During this course, the manager will learn to effectively deal with a variety of situations, and obtain skills, including:

  • Steps to take when hearing complaints
  • Basic steps to limit exposure to liability for the organization
  • How to take prompt and remedial action
  • How to partner with the various departments within the organization
  • Tips and techniques to allow the manager to continue to focus on his/her group while ensuring that appropriate follow up has been taken
  • How management can avoid misjudging the situation
  • Questioning techniques to discover the real issues involved in the situation at hand
  • What supervisors should do if new facts come to light that reveal the situation is more serious than first thought
  • Documentation tips for handling the various types of complaints
  • When an internal investigation is required by law or if there is a legal issue involved
  • How to ensure that policy and procedures are followed uniformly so as to avoid any retaliation claim
  • The proper steps for closing different types of investigations

Format:   1-6 hours

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