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Time Isn’t Money – It’s EVERYTHING

Techniques for Time Management

In today‘s stressed, hectic business world, superior time management is essential.  Time is the most precious and valuable asset.  Time, used wisely, can be a powerful ally, however, time, if misused, can be the greatest enemy.  Without effective time management, life, both professional and personal, can be chaotic. 

Time management affects not only each individual within the organization, but also the organization as a whole.  With proper time management, an organization’s productivity, morale, and efficiency all increase. But how does an organization get there?

Each individual in an organization must learn to manage personal and professional time efficiently.  Every individual, both management and non-management, must become skilled at prioritizing multiple tasks and activities, learn to improve concentration, tame the typical time wasters, eliminate unnecessary activities, and “COMMIT” to a time management strategy.  

As a result of this highly participatory program, participants will:

Assess time management strengths and evaluate areas for development

  • Develop strategy for improving time management challenges
  • Establish goals and implement techniques to organize personal priorities
  • Increase the amount of time spent on “imperative” vs. “important” activities
  • Reduce interruption time and manage conflict with regard to the “priority wars”
  • Learn to streamline paperwork and communications regarding responsibilities
  • Communicate priorities proficiently and effectively without “I can’t”. 
  • Master communication techniques for the hard to deliver messages

Format:  3-6 hours

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