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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Performance Appraisals

While performance evaluations are rarely anyone's favorite task, there's no getting around the fact that employees’ performance, or lack thereof, can make or break any company. Not reacting when employees are underperforming puts a company at risk of failing to meets its goals and ultimate objectives.

Performance evaluations, when used effectively, can be tools for identifying and alleviating potential obstacles for employees as well as can inspire employees to aim for new heights in performance. 

When designed and implemented correctly, evaluations can help:

  • keep the employee and the company focused
  • avoid potential problems down the pike through increased communication
  • inspire and reward employees for their achievements
  • improve employee morale
  • help arrive at decisions regarding compensation adjustment
  • provide a documented history for succession planning
  • terminate problem or underperforming employees

However, managers cite that documenting workplace action as one of their trickiest, most frustrating problems. This workshop is designed to make that wonderful season called “performance appraisal time” much easier and more effective by providing:

  • Tips and techniques to document interactions with direct reports throughout the entire year
  • Information on how evaluations can aid in employee development
  • Discussion on how the appraisal can be used as a strategic planning tool
  • Suggestions on how to plan an ongoing system of employee assessment
  • Information regarding the manager’s responsibilities in the performance appraisal process
  • Instructions on how to conduct effective evaluation meetings
  • Legal issues for consideration
  • Information on the role of new technology in evaluation systems
  • Strategies on how to complete and deliver an effective Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”)
  • Guidelines on how to have a consistent rating style

Format:  2-5 hours

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