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Getting a Seat at the Table

How to Become a Strategic Player at Your Organization 

This workshop will demonstrate how to gain a highly respected place at the table by taking action steps to make yourself a strategic player.  To become a strategic player, you must first understand your department’s purpose.  Not just your purpose as you see it, but the function of your department as seen through the eyes of the rest of the organization.  Additionally, you must be able to understand your organization's mission, be able to identify the leaders in the organization and understand their, sometimes very different, visions.  It is only by integrating your purpose, your organization’s mission and the vision of the leaders of the organization, that you will have a seat at the table.

Participants will: 

  • Assess their current plan
  • Determine whether their department is respected
  • Define the strategic players in the organization
  • Understand each strategic player’s vision
  • Establish a balanced approach to the overall business needs
  • Analyze how to become a key player
  • Action steps to strategically position themselves that and their    department

Format:  2-6 hours

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