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Focusing on the “ME” in TEAM

The TEAM Approach to Conflict Management

Wherever there is interaction among people, there is conflict.  Avoiding or mismanaging conflict can have destructive consequences.  However, if every individual that comprises an organization takes personal responsibility to manage his or her individual conflicts effectively, creatively and productively, maximum team and workforce cohesiveness will result. 

This program delves into the dynamics of conflict in ways that help translate the power of opposing ideas into a powerful force for success.  For companies who are serious about enhancing their conflict resolution skills, with both company leaders and the general employee population, this program offers a new perspective on conflict in business.

By following the path of conflict and examining constructive and destructive responses, participants learn ways to resolve conflicts in ways that are beneficial to both the organization and the individuals involved.

This highly participatory program features:

  • A thorough examination of conflict
  • The acceptance of conflict’s Four Fundamental Truths
  • Discussion and analysis of existing conflicts within an organization
  • An assessment of each participant’s individual style of managing conflict
  • Four simple and meaningful action steps that manage conflict effectively.
  • The opportunity to role-play which allows participants to practice TEAM’s action steps
  • Discussion of how the TEAM Approach results in the preservation of relationships

Format:  3-6 hours

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