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Stuck In The Middle

The Practical Way to Successfully Assist Others in Conflict

Frequently, managers are stuck in the middle of everything… Stuck with disputes between two employees; stuck between two members of management; stuck between management and employees; while at the same time stuck resolving their own personal and professional challenges.  Further, individuals that try to assist others in conflict, they are frequently personally held accountable for the outcomes of conflict and the resulting fallout.

Workable Options’ Stuck in the Middle workshop builds on the fundamentals learned in the TEAM Approach to Conflict Management and provides additional tools and skills to resolve conflict effectively while successfully keeping workplace relationships intact.   This seminar shows participants how to chart conflict for everyday minor disputes as well as those rare-but-real major disputes, so that they may successfully balance organizational objectives and employee interests.


In this session, participants will explore:

  • The concepts of the TEAM Approach to Conflict Management
  • Ways to facilitate and mediate in fluid situations
  • Proficiency in charting workplace conflicts
  • Skill sets needed to maintain strong relationships both vertically and horizontally
  • Tactics for maximum workforce cohesiveness
  • Creating and maintaining the most positive, conflict-free workplace possible

Format:  1-6 hours

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