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Everyone Has A Name & A Smile

Valuing Diversity

The term "diversity" is often used to refer to differences based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, and national origin.  However, the term "diversity" embraces an inexhaustible assortment of distinguishing characteristics.  These characteristics could be the usual suspects, but may include physical differences, differences in personality, inconsistencies in conflict management styles, and divides in education or socio-economic class.

Most traditional approaches to diversity simply acknowledge the differences and the experiences of individuals and instruct an organization to respect and trust others.  However, because these differences in people cause conflict, this leaves a workforce struggling. 

This training celebrates and values the fusion of differences, but provides uniformity for the workplace environment by equipping its individuals with meaningful action steps to handle the conflict inevitably born by these differences. 

This extremely insightful and engaging program features:

  • An examination of the definition of diversity
  • A thorough assessment of the individual differences specific to your organization
  • Interactive group participation to test any one group's ability to function without diversity
  • Discussion and analysis of how these differences impact an organization’s culture

Format:  2-6 hours 

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