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Stir the Pot

Creating Change and Managing Chaos

Executives, managers and business leaders must not only lead their companies through changing environments, they must also create the changes.  Success is a temporary condition that must be constantly achieved through creative and innovative deployment of organizational resources.

This workshop will train you to create and manage the positive forces of change that bring about dynamic growth and increased profitability.

In this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand and adopt the characteristics of effective leadership
  • Develop individual, teams, departments and organizations that achieve
  • Build a culture that promotes trust, integrity and high performance
  • Motivate and influence managers
  • Develop a leadership style that succeeds
  • Become a coach, mentor and motivator
  • Communicate mission, vision and values
  • Understand the myths and realities of leadership

Format:  4-8 hours

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