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Help They Made Me a Manager!

True leadership boosts morale, increases the bottom line, and averts long lines of unhappy employees.  Now is your chance to learn the key techniques used by the most successful managers, avoid those “rookie mistakes”, and learn hands-on techniques for becoming a results-oriented leader.

Managers will learn to address major areas that come with their responsibilities as a manager, including:

  • Management Style - This can have a profound effect on the department's morale and productivity.
  • Effects of any change in Management - Getting a new boss can be uncomfortable and even traumatic -- for employees and the new boss alike. Your managers will learn:
  • How to calm employees' fears
  • How to communicate expectations to employees
  • Preparing for common employee responses to a new boss: getting on board or bucking the system
  • How to identify when employees are struggling with the change
  • How to supervise people who are friends – one of the toughest challenges faced from management promoted from within the company
  • How to begin the employee engagement process on the first day by creating an on-boarding experience that focuses on the company’s culture, how to give newcomers time to establish relationships with key employees, and how to incorporate the new hire into the experience of the organization.  
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes during the on-boarding process including when to schedule a new-hire to start, how to get senior management’s support, establishing a mentor, selecting a new hire’s first assignment.
  • Creating the long-term mindset in your employees; incorporates on-the-job training & mentors; e-learning programs; establishes critical partnerships between the new hire and the employee's new manager and allows the new hire to feel like part of the team
  • Communication - Opening the lines of communication with employees can be a difficult skill to master. Managers will learn:
  • The importance of listening
  • How to get honest feedback from your team
  • The importance of giving fast feedback
  • Documentation that helps employees

Format:  2-6 hours

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