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Et Tu Brutus?

Leading Successful Project Teams

This workshop expands on the skills developed in the AIM Approach to Project Management workshop and leaves the participants with tools and techniques to be a successful project leader and not simply a project manager. The target audience for this workshop is project managers with the desire to enhance their ability to influence others, successfully address project challenges, and establish durable relationships with customers.

All participants will be encouraged to think outside of the box, constantly challenge themselves and will be given the skills to successfully deal with typical project challenges.  Upon completion, project managers should have developed the necessary tools to effectively manage and sustain the relationships required for project success.

Precise methods will be taught to enable participants to gain commitments, give and receive feedback, handle complex personalities, make decisions on behalf of the project team, and manage conflict and change with end users. The curriculum is designed around specific team projects with each participant acting as a project leader and receiving feedback.

In this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Describe the various techniques for building and maintaining relationships with the project participants
  • Use questions to acquire information from customers about the project requirements
  • Implement techniques to manage the expectations of customers and team members
  • Put methodologies for persuading project participants into practice
  • Put methodologies to handle the administration of any project divergence into practice
  • Address problems and outstanding material issues with project participants

Format:  2-8 hours

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