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Progressive Discipline

Inspiring Corrective Not Disciplinary Action

Does the fear of confrontation -- and possible missteps -- keep your managers and supervisors from properly disciplining employees? If necessary, can your managers terminate workers without incurring the EEOC's wrath?   This course will help your leaders successfully resolve performance issues and avoid litigation by instructing them on the 6 golden rules of progressive discipline and documentation, including what, who, when, where, why, and most importantly, how.

Participants will learn:

  • What - The do’s and don’ts for verbal counseling, written warning, second written warning, final written warning, and termination
  • Who - Examples of individuals who typically complete progressive discipline forms, as well as who should have access to that paperwork
  • When - Real-life scenarios to explain why progressive discipline should not be completed shortly before termination or even after termination occurs
  • Where - The proper setting for completing a progressive discipline form and where you should keep the forms stored
  • Why - More than ever, when an EEOC charge or a lawsuit is filed, the employer’s documentation of the entire employment relationship is critical
  • How – Obtain hands-on tips for verbal counseling, documentation, and written warning guidelines (first, second, and final).  There will also be discussion regarding when performance issues are serious enough to warrant skipping the usual steps and going directly to severe discipline or termination.
  • Plus - An in-depth discussion of performance evaluations, documenting performance gaps, and the negative results of excessive leniency.

Format:  2-6 hours

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