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Politics, Power & Influence

The Secrets to Your Survival and Success

How can you influence behavior at your organization, change the course of events, or overcome resistance?  It requires a “know how” to build relationships and avoid oppositions.  This course examines the personal attributes and the structural factors that influence an individual’s effort to advance organizational goals and achieve individual success.

Participants identify the role of power and influence in their organization, learn ways to recognize the employees that hold power and have influence and become skilled at how to positively tap into the power structure.  In addition, participants will contemplate the politics within their company.  By understanding their own conduct, their interpersonal relationships within the business and examining their communications, they will recognize the most efficient path to accomplish any objective. 

This workshop will encourage the participant to:

  • Analyze their own goals and career objectives
  • Figure out the power players within their organization
  • Examine their communication pattern and determine whether it supports their career objectives
  • Evaluate their conduct as it relates to their organization’s structure

Format:  2-6 hours

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