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How to Use HR the Right Way

Some supervisors will not ask Human Resources for help until the fire is raging and they realize all of the doors are locked. Still others won't go to the bathroom without consulting HR. Where is the balance?

The age-old truth still remains – everyone is different. This includes supervisors. Members of management frequently have different organizational experiences and levels of training. Each member of management believes he or she knows HR's role and their place in that responsibility.

However, after this workshop, every manager will be successfully empowered and have an established and singular understanding of the Human Resources department, its functions, and procedures.

In this session, we will explore and identify:

  • Employment law hotspots
  • How management's responsibilities are intertwined with the policies and procedures of HR
  • Effective ways for management to avoid fueling a volatile situation
  • The proper communication channels to effectively communicate issues to HR
  • Communication skills necessary to be an effective leader

Format: 1-3 Hours

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