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Leadership Library

All of our workshops can be customized to provide the skills and information required by your organization. Additionally, we recognize that the demands of today's active and global work environments require adaptable training. As such, you can select just one course from the library, or you can choose to compile courses into a training series; i.e. Boot Camp. Moreover, you have the option of bringing a consultant to your organization for on-site training or utilizing technology to deliver training via webinar. Finally, suggested course times are included for your information, however, course duration can be adjusted according to your organization's schedule and to the level of detail desired.

Library of Courses

How to use HR the right way
Help They Made Me A Manager!
Lots of Letters – Lots of Risk
I HAVE to Talk to You...
Addressing Employee Complaints
An Eye for an Eye
Recognizing and Remedying Retaliation
Inspire Not Perspire
Effective Leadership to Get the Best from your Team
Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized
Promoting Workplace Civility
Investing in the Interview
Selecting the Right Team Members for your Organization
Beyond the Draft Pick
Building Cohesive and Effective Teams
It's Elementary My Dear Watson
Workplace Investigations
The AIM Approach to Successful Project Management
Lead By Example
Inspiring the Workforce
Can We Talk?
Having Difficult Conversations
Making Hard Choices Easy
Executive Decision Making
Celebrating the Good
Giving Positive Feedback
Power Politics and Influence
The Secrets of Your Survival and Success
Discrimination 101
Understanding the ADEA and Title VII
Progressive Discipline
Inspiring Corrective not Disciplinary Action
Et Tu Brutus?
Leading Successful Project Teams
Stir the Pot
Creating Change and Managing Chaos
Everyone has a Name and a Smile
Valuing Diversity
Stuck in the Middle
Assisting Others With Conflict
Focusing on the "ME" in TEAM
The TEAM Approach to Conflict Management
Terrific Training
Delivering Successful Training Programs
Getting a Seat at the Table
Becoming a Strategic Player
Winning Every Time
Effective Negotiation Skills
Hand It Over
The Art of Delegation
You Can't Shake Hands with a Clenched Fist
Building Employee Trust
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Performance Appraisals
You Don't have to Picture Them In Their Underwear
Effective Presentation Skills
Time Isn't Money – It's EVERYTHING
Techniques for Time Management
You Said What?
Identifying and Addressing Unwelcome Sexual Conduct
Up Hill Both Ways
Managing a Multi Generational Workforce
You Too Can Learn the Way
How to be a Successful Mentor
What Next?
Succession Planning
Boot Camp Jeopardy!
I'm a HR Professional!
What does that mean in today's corporate environment?
All Aboard!
Effective Onboarding
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