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Internal Investigations

Investigative Services

A botched investigation leaves your company wide open to costly lawsuits. In the event that you want complete objectivity during an investigation at your company, or you have a high level executive that is involved in the complaint, limit your risk of liability with an outside investigator. Leave the investigative strategy to us! We are skilled at conducting witness interviews that uncover the real story behind the allegations and have experience recognizing and assisting companies with issues of retaliation. At the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with an ironclad investigative report that will help insulate your company from liability.

Internal Investigations: A Practical Training Course for HR

This is your first line of defense against employment litigation. This DVD-based training system walks you through each phase of the workplace investigation, from intake of the complaint to bringing the investigation to a close and achieving final resolution. It gives you the skills you need to investigate claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, abusive behavior, retaliation and all other forms of job-related misconduct with authority and professionalism. Plus it provides proven techniques for deftly managing the subjects of your investigation: the complainant, witnesses, in-house counsel and senior management.

This complete training tool includes:

  • Two DVDs containing over 4½ hours of expertly researched and professionally produced investigation instructions
  • A CD-ROM containing investigation forms, checklists, and documents you can customize to match your corporate standards
  • A companion guidebook that leads you through the video presentation step-by-step and serves as a valuable ongoing reference

Order the Internal Investigations course online now through, or contact us for more information.

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